Oracle Group Launch Online Radio and Television Stations


Oracle Group is excited to announce the launch of our new online radio station, Oracle FM, as well as our new online television station, Your Oracle.


The stations are being launched during the month of June in partnership with Deon Pieterse, former station manager at Luister!FM.


Both Oracle FM and Your Oracle will be local community driven stations broadcasting live over the internet, which means people will be able to tune-in and watch or listen from anywhere in the world.


The stations will offer adult contemporary content offering more than just radio or TV but also valued added services connecting people directly to their music, entertainment, news from current events, fashion, lifestyle and whatever else is trending at the time.


“The way the media industry is moving, it’s easier to just sit at your laptop or with your phone and you can access anything online. With print media, while there’s still a space for it, it’s not as easily accessible and readily available as online,” says Pieterse.


“With Oracle FM and Your Oracle, people will be able to go back to listen or watch the shows, so it’s not like the old days where you would have to tune in at a specific time.”


Having gained extensive experience in the broadcast industry, Pieterse spent two years working at Luister!FM working his way up to Station Manager and has a long background in the entertainment industry, ranging from production and theatre to sales and marketing.


“We want to bring people the things they want to hear, the things they want to see. We’re not going to have a three-hour program where you just have to sit and listen to somebody ramble for three hours. We want to inform and educate people with the very latest news and information fresh as it happens, sharp and to the point. We’re not going to discuss something that happened five days ago. At the same time it’s going to be fun, our listeners and viewers are going to get to know new artists and so it’s a nice balance of content we have planned.”


Oracle FM and Your Oracle is planned to go live during the month of June 2017.


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Oracle Media comes from the foundations of NW Barker Media. NW Barker Media was started by Wayne and Neil Barker. NW Barker focused on slide show TV advertising at gyms, malls and restaurants.


Neil made a decision to continue with the company and clients by himself and re-branded the company under a new name. The focus of the company was widened to offer more services.


Oracle Media made the announcement on the first of July 2015 to change names from NW Barker Media to Oracle Media


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