Who are we?

Innovative, Creative advertising agency

We come from the foundations of NW Barker Media. NW Barker Media was started by Wayne and Neil Barker. NW Barker focused on slide show TV advertising at gyms, malls, and restaurants.

Neil made a decision to continue with the company and re-branded under a new name, Oracle Media. The focus of the company is on a wide range of creative brand boosting, management, and marketing services.

Social Media Management
Brand Boosting
Event Trending
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Website Design

This is how we do it…

Our motto is…

Be the change
you want to see
in the world.



We give our clients only the best work we can humanly create.


We strive to ensure that you can rely on our efficient processes and quality services.


We like being different. That’s why our work stands out from the rest.

The people doing it are…

Neil Barker - CEO

Neil Barker is a charismatic businessman born in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. The word friendly is another great verb to describe Neil’s warm, calm and welcoming demeanour. His love for people and telling their stories in a truthful manner has inspired him to venture off into the world of media. He has always believed in being a change agent and bringing about that change in society through innovation.
Through his natural leadership and resourcefulness, Neil was cut out to be an entrepreneur. Since the media lane is fast-paced, competitive and influenced greatly by social media, he saw a gap to combine business and real people.
Neil’s motto is to be the change that he wishes to see in the world and this famous quote by activist Mahatma Gandhi can be found anchored all over his office as a reminder of his vision ensembled in Oracle Media and in delivering that “difference” to all his clientele.

Social Media has given us so much variety and to grow or to have that competitive edge over the rest, we need to embrace change and think innovatively – This is why Oracle Media is said to be your best difference!
When Neil Barker is not barking up the media tree, he either hits the gym, catches up with close friends over an indulgent cup of coffee or runs around in his back yard with his 3 beautiful children – his prized golden retrievers.

The team…