Kazeka Kuse Book Launch 2017

Brave Heart with Red Lipstick


November 29


We saw red for a great cause and wore red lipstick to help Kazeka Kuse to tell her story in colour of her battle with breast cancer and defeating the disease with a brave heart.

Her book titled Brave Heart with red lipstick was launched in the Tramways building in November last year. Oracle Media was the proud social media partner to this very successful event. Kazeka is loud and proud, an avid writer and former columnist who is never lost for words. She put an admirable fight with the help of public hospital care and support from her close family and friends.

Through offering support to other women in their battle with breast cancer, Kazeka is considered a real-life hero for talking about her journey and inspiring hope and love in others. She considers the love from friends and family as saving her life.
As everyone needs a little bit of love everyday we should give more freely.