Oracle Financial Services

At Oracle Financial Services, a division of Oracle Group of Companies, you can expect our unique value proposals underpinned by absolute client centric service.

Oracle Systems

We empower organisations to harness information and innovation for business acceleration, making them smarter and more competitive in today's dynamic landscape.

Oracle Pay

We provide state-of-the-art physical, virtual and biometric payment solutions for end-user authentication. Our customers can seamlessly integrate it into various business processes, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

Oracle Funerals

With our caring approach and attention to detail, we strive to create meaningful and personalised farewells that honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones.

Meet the team


Lance Heynes

CEO - Oracle Group of Companies

Having been in the Financial Services Industry for 33 years, Lance Heynes rose to become the CEO of Oracle Group in 2018. During his long-spanning career, he obtained several qualifications and accreditations in the industry, including the prestigious stock market trading certificate, the CFP®, his qualifications as a KI and Representative and his continuous CPD accreditations. Lance is also a member of LUASA and FPI. His responsibilities encompass guiding his staff, overseeing compliance, and giving strategic direction to management that enables the business to prosper through these tough economic times.

Throughout his career, his achievements include Top 10 for Sanlam for four years in a row, Top 20 broker for Discovery and various other industry accolades. Lance is a man of numerous aspirations and perpetual planning. Thus, he feels that Oracle Group and its subsidiaries have a great deal of potential to succeed in the South Africa’s Financial Services, Banking, FinTech and Funeral sectors. His long-term goal for the Group is to have it listed on the JSE within the next ten years.

Darryll Manuel

Director - Oracle Pay

Prior to joining the Oracle Group, Darryll held several senior positions in Learning & Development, Quality Compliance and Human Resources. Through interactions in these positions, he has developed the understanding of Marketing, Design, Human Resourcing and Business and Capability Leadership. In 2023, Darryll joined the Oracle Group team as Human Capital Manager. My duties include managing the functional outputs and capabilities of the Oracle family. He also oversees the execution of certain business initiatives and implementations.

Darryll’s key drive is to transfer the knowledge and skill that he has gained over the many years to fellow employees and to ensure that the culture of Future Learning and Better-Living principles are sustained.

Lynton Da Graca

Director - Oracle Systems

Lynton is the Head of Information Technology and Infrastructure for the Oracle Group. Before joining, he was a Senior Network Technologist and Datacentre Manager at The Provincial Government of the Western Cape. During this time, Lynton was as a Network Technologist, prompted to refreshing the whole network infrastructure of Groote Schuur Hospital contributing to its efficient assistance of wait times for Senior Citizens.

In 2022, Lynton joined the Oracle Group team, and manages all the IT components of the business as well as application development, aligning the digital tools used to the business need, to accomplish efficiency and success.

Lionel Lottering

Director of Sales

Lionel started in the insurance industry in 2007 as an advisor for African Mutual Financial Services with Lance Heynes. In 2017, whilst travelling abroad, he had the realization that he was able to contribute to the wealth legacy in South African by joining the Prime Invest Group, now known as the Oracle Group.

After 3 years with the company, Lionel has worked himself up from Sales Consultant to Head of Sales with an effective and dedicated marketing and sales team. Lionel’s key responsibility is to ensure that all the investments and wealth generating initiatives are effectively implemented and managed. He also has the task of building the capability of his team, ensuring that a productive and sustained delivery of service is offered.

Kyle McBryne

Systems Developer

From the beginning of his Web design career in 2017, Kyle began as a front-end developer and project manager before moving on to developing apps and websites. In addition to his natural aptitude as an IT specialist, he brings fresh energy to the Oracle Group team with his fast-paced thinking and talent for finding and fixing technical errors. In 2024, Kyle began working as IT support in the Information Technology and Infrastructure department.

Kyle is excited to advance in his career at Oracle Group, contribute to the expansion of the company, and watch everything unfold.


Mic-shane Brown

Director - Group Administration

Mic-Shane began her career in finance as an administrator at the brokerage Oracle Financial Advisory Services where she now manages the Administration and Finance Departments as well as the desk of the CEO, Mr. Lance Heynes. She takes pride in the fact that she leads the capability and skills development of her team through mentoring and coaching. As her career develops, she manages her family and professional priorities with the utmost of care and interest. Among Mic-Shane’s accomplishments in life are becoming a parent and moving up the corporate ladder in the financial industry.


Shannon Heugh

Client Service Specialist

Prior to joining Oracle Group, Shannon worked as a customer service representative and consultant for several different businesses. One of her greatest accomplishments was to manage her family life whilst developing her professional career.

Her role is Senior Administrative Assistant at Oracle Group which began in February 2024. Her duties include managing the Company’s administrative desk, being liaison to our current and prospective clients, and supporting the Head of Administration.


Lesli Miller

Marketing Specialist

Lesli was a Scribe for schoolchildren with learning challenges, helping them with reading and writing examinations and being a Sports Medic, before she began her Oracle journey. Getting her First Aid Level One and Two and working as a Sports Medic at athletic events are the highlights of her life to date. In February 2024, she started working as a junior assistant intern at Oracle. She has recently embraced the company’s social media presence, using it to announce the release of new goods and to promote the business overall. Her responsibilities include administrative work and managing the company’s social media presence. Her long-term goals are to earn her Occupational Health and Safety certificate and a Level 3 First Aid certification.


Jodie Rensburg

Client Service Specialist

Jodie started with the Oracle Group on the 1 March 2024. She forms part of our Administration team as Personal Assistant to Lionel Lottering. Her duties include managing the administrative demands of Mr. Lottering as well as his Business Desk.

Her journey started at Old Mutual Limited where she was an Onboarding and Offboarding Consultant. During this time, she obtained two qualifications in Wealth Management. Her future aspirations include contributing to the success of Oracle Group and the service we afford our clients. She also wished to complete her Degree in Law (LLB).


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