• Date: February 11, 2020
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Our new working year kicked off on the 4th of January and through the motivating press release from our CEO, Neil Barker, on his hopes for the new year both the Oracle Media team and clientele got a fuel injection of confidence to take on 2018 with a new passion.

It reads as follows:
With reference to all the buzz created on social media lately, the year started off with the cliché of “New Year, New You,” new ideas and basically all things new. The same approach is just as fitting when applied to business. Oracle Media prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, the task of delivering a personalised and on-trend service to your business will come naturally to us.
We are excited to convey that we have a few great marketing strategies up our sleeve to make our relationship more fun and effortless. Some of which includes new, state-of-the-art office and field equipment to increase our production rate; a newly revised and fresh approach to client content and the introduction of an even bigger team to keep up with our growth reaped in 2017.
Our motto at Oracle Media is: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” which spurs our zest to deliver your personalised difference to help grow your business.
Thank you for trusting us to be your difference and always remember that when looking for all things new, look to Oracle Media.

Brand confidence starts here indeed and to give life to his vision of entrenching good working relationships between the Oracle Media team and his diverse clientele, Neil Barker hosted his first Social Media and PR conference for the year on 22nd of January at the Arminel Hotel in Hogsback.

Clients and staff got to meet once again and shared experiences with the aim of also promoting client networking.
The Oracle Media team gave insight into their production timelines and took the clients on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey to educate and assist clients with their brief planning. This way the turn-around-time of our production rate remains at a favourable high whilst personalising client services.
Putting their heads together and pinning their exchanged ideas down on paper to drive change was not work at all but work at play. The conference spanned over three days hence comfort and relaxation were key considerations in creating a loungy atmosphere for conducive interaction. Chatting in their trackies and takkies both teams surely struck creativity over the rumbling thunder and pouring rain while poised around a crackling fire.

Live entertainment warmed up our evenings even more through the acoustic covers sung by the talented, Port Elizabeth-based songbird, Emile Naidu.

A short hike on the last day of the conference inspired more integration, inter-client networking and team building between the two complimenting teams and the rewarding sundowner at the Edge Mountain Retreat on the outskirts of Hogsback was the real showstopper to our getaway! Breath-taking mountain views populated by underlying, indigenous stretches of forest centred by an edgy, rocky cliff acted as our stage to nature’s beauty.

The rawness and authenticity in the trip down to Hogsback through majestic shades of green and the cultural experience of driving through small towns such as Fort Beaufort, Alice and other surrounding rural villages where the odd herd of goats ran across the road slowing down traffic was a great build up to the Oracle Media difference.

A refreshing way to start the creation of all things new. Nature stays the same yet constantly changes to preserve and optimise its beauty and balance. Innovation simulates nature in this regard and Hogsback really made our difference edgy!!!

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