• Date: February 11, 2020
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When the winds of change took it up a (k)notch and blew the much-needed rain to Cape Town and even delivered a new president to us in just 24 hours, Oracle Media also thought to just go with the wind and bring about its own change. Our branding has undergone a complete make-over under the hands of our gifted, in-house designers. Every member on our team contributed to the intricate design process and helped our supplier deliver a final product that embodies the innovative, youthful and energetic heart of Oracle Media.

We take pride in our newly branded golf T-shirts, caps, VW Caddy and newly designed water labels on our bottled waters that help us to stay hydrated at all our outdoor events. As being on the run is a normal part of our job we needed new gear to give us that extra edge over the sun and other outdoor weather demands. Our new T’s have a slim fit, are breathable and allows for greater movement.

So, whether we decide to take part in the action and go running in a sporting event with a 360-degree camera overhead to capture the crowd’s atmosphere more vividly or simply rolling up our sleeves to shoot a client’s product from the perfect angle it will be as easy as blinking. With the roll-out of our additional, state-of-the-art equipment and larger team our newly branded VW Caddy will certainly carry our load for us and see that we always arrive in style.

As we have seen in the news and Twitter, trends change daily. To stay relevant and be remembered, one needs to be thought-provoking right? Appeal to the senses and bring new ideas and change into the spotlight. Even better when that spotlight is red! See red with Oracle Media wherever you go – it is the new black!

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