• Date: February 12, 2020
  • Author: OracleAdmin
  • Category: PR
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Oracle Media’s Managing Director, Neil Barker, has been named as a Finance Monthly Game Changer Award 2020 winner for South Africa.

Neil Barker is the founder of this dynamic digital marketing agency that started in 2011. He and the company have won numerous awards in 2019, proof that external forces acknowledge the innovation and strategic vision, qualities that the Finance Monthly Game Changer Awards recognise.

Neil Barker is a charismatic businessman born in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth and is the Managing Director of Oracle Media, a stake holder of an online Radio Station and a Hair Salon – Bliss. Even though he has his LLB Law Degree (NMU), he gravitated to a world of media because of his love for people and telling their stories in a truthful manner.

Neil’s motto in life is based on Mahatma Ghandi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and this rings true in the way he runs his businesses and how it has filtered into the vision of Oracle Media as well as the approach to their service delivery. He is a definite change agent and through his natural leadership and resourcefulness, he is cut out to be an entrepreneur. In his spare time you will find Neil giving social media talks, business talks and mentoring other entrepreneurs.

Oracle Media focuses on growing their clients business by making their brand come to life through the expert input of their staff and leadership of Neil. The company immerses themselves into their clients business and generates content for digital and traditional marketing and social media management. Oracle Media has made a business out of what everyone needs, which is simply more business, especially in these tough economic times where companies need an “out of the box” media company who will steer them into the right direction. With Neil Barker’s vision and keen entrepreneurial skills and abilities, he has grown Oracle Media. He has also procured international clients and had the insight to offer what other similar companies do not offer – in-house graphic design, photography, videography, web design to Google Analytics and a call centre. These services enables their client’s content and campaigns to deliver consistency and continuity in message, brand presence and ultimately to increase ROI.

A huge congratulations to Neil Barker.