• Date: May 26, 2020
  • Author: OracleAdmin
  • Category: PR
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Oracle Media has been appointed as a supplier for JT Foxx! Oracle Media entered into negotiations in April 2020 and, shortly thereafter, JT Foxx appointed the media company. Content created by Oracle Media has already gone live on his platforms.

Foxx also appeared on the ‘In Conversation’ series on the Oracle Media FB page in May.

At the beginning of the lockdown, Oracle Media knew that to keep the business going it needed to reinvent the way it does things. It also wanted to keep its followers and clients in the know. And what better way to do both – with webinars! Since 1 April 2020, Oracle Media has been running webinars every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One such day in May 2020, JT Foxx was ‘In Conversation’ with Neil Barker, MD of Oracle Media. Although JT Foxx’s time was limited, they discussed what businesses need to do to cope during the pandemic. They also chatted about what businesses need to reinvent themselves creating new leads, and closing sales.

“It was such an honour to be one of the companies JT shortlisted for this contract and, for a company that started in PE and now has three offices countrywide, we are so proud to have been selected,” Neil Barker said.

JT Foxx is not only an international business coach and world number one wealth coach. He is an interrupter. He disrupts the usual and breaks boundaries with his methodologies and his philosophies.

One of his many famous quotes sets the tone for this dynamic serial entrepreneur. “If you are born broke, that is not your fault. If you die broke, that is 100% your fault. Choose to be a millionaire underdog.” Coaching has changed his life from a broke and unknown entity to a serial entrepreneur with over 50 companies and brands, philanthropist and the world’s #1 wealth coach.

He was named by Fast Company South Africa as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of 2018. With MillionaireFLIX, JT Foxx single-handedly disrupted the online education space. MillionaireFLIX had over 4,000 hours of coaching hours and over 31 programmes available. His content ranges from property investment, sales, marketing, strategy vs failure, business growth, negotiation to strategy vs failure and how to make money while you sleep. At least 11% of his viewers on MillionaireFLIX are South African and he is very familiar with our country and culture.

What is most important are his philanthropic endeavours with youth entrepreneurs and kids with cancer. JT Foxx is someone the Oracle Media team admires and Neil Barker, MD of Oracle Media, often attends JT’s Webinars and is a follower of his coaching.

“Don’t strive for success but rather choose to be a person of significance and value. Do that and your clients will take care of your profits and your success rate.” – JT Foxx.

We are so excited to be working for such a pioneer! Welcome to the Oracle Media Team, JT Foxx!