• Date: June 24, 2020
  • Author: OracleAdmin
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Oracle Media has expanded into neighbouring African countries. Oracle Media, based in South Africa, is a brand architect and digital agency, specialising in brand and content development for all its clients.

From its humble beginnings in a tiny office in a small city called Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Oracle Media now has two new offices, one in Port Elizabeth and the other in Sandton, Johannesburg. It also has satellite offices in Cape Town and Durban.

With the new dynamic of how business is done now and the current surge of online users, Oracle Media has never been busier! Neil Barker, MD at Oracle Media, always wanted to expand into Africa and this lockdown due to the pandemic has just fast-forwarded this expansion. “This lockdown has presented us with the opportunity to further expand our services and show the world what we are capable of, and I’m excited to see where next,” says Barker.

With Namibia under the belt, the next step is into the immediate neighbouring countries. The intention here is to spread world-class methodologies and strategies within Africa and for the rest of the world to sit up and notice Africa and all that it has to offer. And what better way than online. More people are online than ever before due to the lockdown and the current restrictions of travel and working in the traditional office setting. This is definitely the time to be online if you are not there already. If your business doesn’t already have an online strategy, Oracle Media strongly recommends that you do develop one or tweak your current strategy. It has already seen evidence of success with companies that did not stop communicating with its clients and did not stop its online marketing spend. But not in a negative way. Ensure that you are not capitalising on the pandemic as your clients will not receive you warmly, let your customers know you are still around and be sure to assure them that staying at home and being responsible at this time is essential.

Oracle Media also tweaked its online strategy, the expansion into Africa as one. The other innovative move was in April, its started a series of ‘In Conversations’ webinar discussions on its Facebook Page. The discussions covered pertinent and relevant topics in order to keep its followers and its clients engaged. It invited industry leaders and speakers to discuss those topics with Neil Barker as the host. This facilitated the spread of necessary tips, covered important topics relating to the pandemic and increased awareness relating to mental well-being as an individual and as a business.

There is an ever-increasing need for expanding into the international markets and Oracle Media looks forward to welcoming skills and valuable expertise that will continuously be added through these new relationships and partnerships.

For more information on its product offerings and how to optimise your current strategy from branding to digital marketing, you are welcome to contact Oracle Media.

You can email at info@oraclegroup.co.za or call 087 237 7700.